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"I'll kidnap a thousand children before I let this forum die, and I'll silence anyone who gets in my way! "

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tumblr rights activist
tumblr rights activist
actual quote by FD


|"We're going to need some of your booty."-ZECORA|
 im so MATURE Im PROUD of my SEXUALITY so i FLAUNT it wherever i GO everyone has to KNOW about my FANTASIES so i can feel SPECIAL and NONCONFORMIST
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i dont want that

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wrekcd nerd

quadruple niggerfaggot jewfag horsebeater 0/10-ign faggot tier past madddog gay fag horsefucker
I let it die for a couple of days so what was that you were saying

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Madd Dogg

Original Gangster
Flamdamnsk8r wrote:I let it die for a couple of days so what was that you were saying
he was saying you basically said you'd kidnap heaps of children before letting the forum die then literally the next die you jump to the escape pods and abandon ship

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